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There is a wealth of money around the world waiting to be discovered by the rightful claimants. Unclaimed Finances provides accurate and easy to understand information on the many ways you may be entitled to unclaimed money and how to get your hands on it.
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Ask Our Experts: Overcharged on Water Bills: How to Claim?, Is There a Time Limit on...
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Basics: Should You Pay a Fee to Find Lost Assets?, Unclaimed Government...
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Case Studies: Unexpected Family Windfalls...
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Claiming Back: Claiming Back Bank Penalty Charges, Claiming Back Overpaid Tax,...
FAQs: Using the Unclaimed Assets Register, The Facts on Unclaimed Land and...
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Pensions & Insurance: Unclaimed Life Insurance, Scottish Estates, About Court Funds,...
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Shares & Lottery: Do You Have an Unclaimed Lottery Win?, Unclaimed Government Stocks,...
Latest Comments
  • Jay
    Re: Premium Bonds & National Savings
    I have three old premium bonds numbers bought in the 1970's. Beginning 5ak,5bk & 5bn, have been told these would have…
    24 March 2019
  • Bexs
    Re: Unclaimed Pensions
    How do I check if my dad had any work pension if there is no paper work for me to check and the compay he worked for at Norman Jackson Ltd has…
    22 March 2019
  • Rustikpix
    Re: The Facts on Unclaimed Land and Property in the UK
    There is some unclaimed land at the back of my parents house which has been there for many years, it…
    19 March 2019
  • Shirl
    Re: Unclaimed Life Insurance
    My husband died 7yrs ago but I've not claimed his life insurance I know who he was with but don't have any paper work
    18 March 2019
  • Jay
    Re: Unclaimed Life Insurance
    Hi I believe from my deceased fathers ex partner that he had a life insurance policy but have never heard anything else regarding this…
    18 March 2019
  • Johnny 54
    Re: Unclaimed Pensions
    My father died in 1991 and had worked for a number of employer's but we never found out whether he had contributed into any pension schemes his…
    16 March 2019
  • Lynn
    Re: Unclaimed Pensions
    How do I validate if my dad paid into a miners pension scheme. He was made redundant in 1968.
    8 March 2019
  • Lynn
    Re: Unclaimed Pensions
    My dad was a miner and not sure if he paid into a pension. He was on permantley sickness benefit due to lung infection due to the pit. He left…
    8 March 2019
  • Gee
    Re: The Facts on Unclaimed Land and Property in the UK
    We are in the process of purchasing a property with a stone wall at the front boundary which is…
    7 March 2019
  • Karin
    Re: Unclaimed Pensions
    My father died 26 years ago , he had his own building company & he paid in to a private pension for some years . We don’t know the name if the…
    7 March 2019
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